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I am a consultant specialised in ticketing systems. I have a good 25 years of experience in this field, a detailed story of my career can be found on my website: This blog is to propose a mean to talk about ticketing your comments or suggestions are most welcome.

Real time information

Passenger information has improved quite steadily in past years, however, general public appetite for more information leading to better understanding of what’s going on while awaiting one’s transport service is still very strong. Developing real time information systems is undoubtedly … Continue reading

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Introducing passenger information system

Modern ticketing systems can provide much more than just ticketing. When on board equipment is linked with central system through 3G/4G, transmitting vehicle position comes as a bonus. This makes it possible building passenger information and fleet management systems within … Continue reading

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Already 80% of Metrocard users

Introduction of Metrocard has started last November and keeps all its promises: in about 8 months, usage has already reached 80%. This is beyond the 75% target that was expected to occur after a year. Eight passengers out of ten … Continue reading

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METROCARD: it is now

Everybody in Adelaide await Metrocard introduction with visible impatience: it is coming now! The 6000 champions who have tested Metrocard during the past few months have done it with panache and cannot stop praising it: general operation can now start … Continue reading

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Don’t know how to use Metrocard

Get the best of your Metrocard following that link: Metrocard usage tips

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Adelaide Railway Station

Adelaide railway station is the converging point of all Adelaide suburban railway lines. Controlling entry and exit here is a simple and efficient way of fighting fraud. In fact, most stations on the network do not have required infrastructure to … Continue reading

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Flat fare or not flat fare

Adelaide public transport¬† runs services across an area of about 3000 square kilometres with buses, tramways and trains. One could imagine that over such an area, fares would depend upon distance travelled. In fact no, Adelaide public transport moved from … Continue reading

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MetroCard aboard trains

A two cars train has been fitted with new MetroCard system last week to make sure rail environment was confirming good results obtained on board buses in Adelaide hills. Tests are on-going at time I am writing this article and … Continue reading

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ADELAIDE keeps magnetics

Very early into project definition phase, and this without unvealing any secret, it was clear that chosing a new system based on contactless smart card only was extremely tempting and popular. Messages sent out by fare collection microcosm that magnetic … Continue reading

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ADELAIDE goes live

Transport Minister Chloe FOX has launched the very first deployment stage of Adelaide new ticketing system the 26th October 2011. Major Australian television channels and local press witnessed the event and were given possibility to try new equipment installed on … Continue reading

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