Public transport is a real challenge for most modern cities where population density permanently increases. Also, awareness about pollution levels combined with ever growing traffic emphasises the necessity to focus on public transport services. Moving quickly in comfort and safety through our megalopolis can only be achieved with good public transport. Consequently managing passengers travelling patterns to facilitate day to day life is a priority for all public transport authorities.

Our modern world is computer assisted: ticketing does not evade the trend. E-ticketing (electronic ticket) opens the doors to endless collection of possibilities. The French, inventors of the smart card, call it “billettique” (short for “informatique+billet”). They have been at the forefront of these systems transposing their know how in magnetic tickets to smart cards in early 90s.

The world of public transport ticketing still bears a lot of differences where edge technologies rub shoulders with basic paper tickets. While fundamentals are identical: transport people on time in comfort and safety, fare policy is most of the time original. E-ticketing brings a professional answer with a very wide range of fare structures possibilities where sales, validations and inspections are made very simple to passengers despite complexity behind curtains. The benefit of recording regular detailed statistical data provides for efficient management.

The level of sophistication of E-ticketing systems determines the tool range provided to the operators. As soon as you go deeper in system definition you find out that, despite an apparent simplicity, ramifications are many and of different kinds. A successful approach quite always requires to hire experts.

DTB Consult will bring you expertise and experience:

  • audit of existing systems
  • analysis of needs
  • choosing technologies
  • system definition
  • tender process support
  • project follow-up support
  • maintenance organisation and planning
  • system performance quality control

Whether you have a project to source a new system, to improve your existing one or simply to evaluate your options, DTB Consult can provide you the support you need. With a large worldwide experience DTB Consult is an ideal partner who will take you on the road of successful project.

Beyond the importance of acquiring a highly capable tool, the E-ticketing project is a real opportunity to re-visit passenger/transport authority relations and to review, or to redefine, operational rules in light of new possibilities offered by the system. While it is evident that the choice of main orientations is a must, it is the capacity to address properly details that wins the battle: a successful system is a system which sticks to real world in the minute details.

The technology shall not be the pilot of the definition: you must always remain the boss. The technology shall serve your desires giving you a collection of functions and tools to better operate your network.

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